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Secret Solta is a joint venture between the Evaco Group and Secret Hotel Management. The two teams, based in Mauritius and Croatia, have combined global reach with local knowledge to revolutionise the concept of luxury living.

Our real estate company in Croatia is responsible for the development of the high-end real estate project in Šolta, from inception to realisation. The resort is owned by the Evaco Group and will be managed by Secret Hotel Management.

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With 20 years of experience, the Evaco Group strives to design the living spaces of tomorrow through forward-thinking design concepts and creative innovation. Having evolved from a real estate development company, Evaco Ltd is now an investment and holding company which acts as a group corporate executive office. Its global head office is located in Mauritius. Evaco Ltd acts as a consultant at both local and international level for all Evaco Group companies, with regards to their respective legal, financial, business and investment growth strategies & objectives.

Evaco Group is a well-known property developer in Mauritius with more than 700 employees. It operates within various different sectors, including architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, property development & real estate, leisure & hospitality, consulting & corporate services, and procurement logistic services.

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Secret Hotel Management

Secret Hotel Management is an international resort management company. It focuses on creating high-quality, luxury resorts that provide unique experiences and outstanding customer service. The team has a proven track record in the hospitality industry with extensive international experience in a wide range of sectors. From market research and sales strategies to project management, their professionals extract the most value from each and every project.