The Resort

Your Adriatic Lifestyle

Barely steps away from your home, set in the heart of nature, this 5- star resort offers the comfort, style and decadence of luxury living. With exclusive facilities and amenities, the resort effortlessly combines authentic Croatian hospitality, culture and way of life.


A year-round mooring facility for our residents, offering a wide range of services for boat owners.

Anti-Aging & Wellness

Secret Solta is home to one of the leading Anti-Aging & Wellness Centres in Europe. It is led by a medical team with a track record in anti-aging treatments, who offer a scientific approach to your wellbeing. Through the use of advanced technology, the centre will provide top of the line medical care along with the chance to simply relax and enjoy all the benefits of the spa.

Fine Dining

Discover the history and culture of Croatia through its gastronomic heritage. Whether you go for a gourmet evening meal or lunch with friends on a bright sunny day, each experience is an authentic taste of the real Croatia. With an exquisite terrace that opens out to the Adriatic, you can immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of this wonderful country. Inspired by the flavours and ingredients of the Mediterranean, enjoy a taste of Šolta through its wild rosemary honey, freshly-caught grilled fish and extra virgin olive oil.

Personal Concierge Services

We know that the human touch is key to providing unique, memorable moments for our guests. That’s why our concierge services go above and beyond, providing you with daily assistance that constantly strives for excellence and surpasses expectations. It means you can enjoy a luxury lifestyle that’s tailored to your exact needs. And because we’re dedicated to bringing you the best of Croatia, our expert team can also organise a selection of exclusive experiences – so you can enjoy your time here to the fullest.

The Beach Club

Walk barefoot on the sandy beach, take your tastebuds on a journey through the sweet and salty Adriatic lifestyle or soak up the sun whilst cruising the open sea – the Beach Club will cater for a wide array of needs and interests.