Find your luxury home in Šolta


A Land Of Wild Beauty

Spanning just 9 nautical miles, the small island of Šolta is located just off Dalmatia's capital Split. It offers an intimate experience for those seeking a relaxing lifestyle, free from the pressures of everyday life. An island whose uniqueness sings like a melody, whose history is that of emperors and queens, whose untouched landscapes bare themselves under your feet. Šolta is one of those yet-to-be-discovered island gems in Croatia.

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Living in Šolta gives you time to concentrate on the simple yet important joys of life – good food, sea and sun. You can't go wrong with fresh seafood or locally grown olives which produce the world's best olive oil. Other delicacies produced locally in Šolta include figs, almonds, honey and Dobričić wine – the ancestor of the world famous Zinfandel.

The geography of Šolta creates secluded bays and coves all over the island, which will interest hikers and swimmers alike. The bay of Nečujam even houses the famous fisheries of the Roman emperor Diocletian, which you can easily explore during your time here.

The Seven Islands

Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Rudula and Grmej are the 7 islands of the archipelago facing Secret Solta. Together, they form one of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic. The islands are uninhabited, but they are abound in beautiful pine woods with secluded rocky beaches.

The Adriatic Sea is tranquil and clean, particularly in the Šoltan waters, so exploring the island landscapes by kayak is an ideal option. You can spend a morning enjoying your own piece of heaven by kayaking to one of the islands, each with a towering view of the neighbouring bays of Trogir and Drvenik.  

The unforgettable sunset behind these seven little gems is the view you’ll enjoy every day from your luxury home in Šolta.

Location of the resort, Šipkova Bay

Šipkova Bay is home to the only sandy beach in all of Šolta. Situated in the western part of the island, the bay is adjacent to the village of Maslinica, where a 17th century castle turned 5-star resort found its home. Šipkova is found at the bottom of a slope full of olives and lavender, right where the sun sets between the neighbouring islands of Hvar and Brač.

Secret Solta is a luxurious resort located in the Šipkova Bay, in Šolta.

Our Neighbouring Village, Maslinica

Located at the western tip of the island in a sheltered pinewood cove, Maslinica is framed by an archipelago of seven islands. It is a picturesque and nautical village with a calm and authentic atmosphere, offering a privileged spot to enjoy the blue sea and the tranquil village. You’ll love all the authentic local restaurants and bars that populate the centre of Maslinica.

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Maslinica’s olive grove landscape is complemented by the village’s emblematic castle and stone houses. The settlement developed around the castle, which was built in 1708 by the noble Marchi family. The castle was constructed after frequent pirate raids on the undefended village. As a result, the Marchi family asked the Venetian government for permission to build a castle with a tower to defend the settlement.

Maslinica’s tourist centre will be of interest to lovers of nature, beaches and clean sea. In recent years it has become a favoured destination for cyclists, rowers, boaters, as well as lovers of diving, sport fishing and jet skiing. It has been named as one of the top three tourist destinations for up to 1,000 inhabitants on the Adriatic, as well as the most successful authentic coastal destination.