Discover Croatia


Beauty In Diversity, Calm And Serenity

Situated in the heart of Europe, bordered by blue waters and golden fields, a true gem lies hidden away… Welcome to Croatia, a land of islands, mountains and endless plains. Find yourself in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic or lose yourself in a place where history and legend are intertwined.

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Croatia covers 56,594 square kilometres (21,851 square miles) and has a population of 4.07 million. It is situated in the heart of Europe, bordered by the Adriatic sea, the Dinaric Alps and the Danube River. With a diverse geography, moderate climate and warm-hearted locals, Croatia is a country you can easily call home. It's an Adriatic wonder that breathes nature, simplicity and honesty.

The uniqueness of this central European destination is perhaps best demonstrated by these facts and figures:

  • Long and rich history, with some Neanderthal settlements discovered in the area of Krapina (near Zagreb) and remains from the Roman era along the coast.
  • Central location in Europe, with Hungary, Austria, Italy merely hours away.
  • Direct connections by air to all major European destinations and the United States.
  • Moderate climate with hot summers and cool winters in the continental parts, and warm humid summers and mild winters in the coastal areas.
  • An abundance of rivers, mountains and hills for all types of outdoor activities, with horse riding, hiking and sailing all becoming increasingly popular here.
  • 8 national parks and 12 nature parks
  • 10 UNESCO sites (8 cultural and 2 natural).
  • The population is multilingual and mostly fluent in English.
  • A country open to foreigners, with digital nomad visas and an increasing number of international schools.

Dalmatia & Adriatic Sea

Part of the Mediterranean sea, the Adriatic forms a natural border between Italy and Croatia. It has historically been the scene of many battles over the years, as many have recognised its immaculate beauty and value. Today it adorns the coasts of Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

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The Adriatic Sea provides many riches, and it moves life along. The 1,777 km coast is dotted with almost a thousand islands, each special in its own way. Among them, a heart-shaped islet called “Apple", and another that looks like the planet Mars.

The favourable position of the Adriatic means that a plethora of activities can be enjoyed here. Whether you’re watching the dolphins that come to visit, catching world-class tuna or simply sailing between the islands, your time here is always lived to the fullest.

On the Eastern shore of the Adriatic lies Dalmatia; a historic region of Croatia famed for its many islands, stunning natural geography and crystal clear waters. Since its days as a province of the Roman empire, Dalmatia has passed hands from nation to nation, giving it a unique cultural identity that has absorbed characteristics from all of the empires it has belonged to. Here you'll find an Italian-style cafe culture, gorgeous Croatian cuisine and scenery emblematic of the Mediterranean. Dalmatia is an experience of a lifetime.


Split is the second-biggest city in Croatia and the regional centre of Dalmatia. Like many other coastal cities, it was built up around its historical old town. In Split, the remains of Diocletian's Palace (the retirement home of a 3rd century Roman emperor) now make up the aforementioned old town.

Even though the city is very much an urban hub, its varied geography allows for many other types of activities to be enjoyed. Split is the place to go for business opportunities, busy city life, shopping, wellness, fine dining, nature, parks, beaches, relaxing lifestyle, friendly faces and outdoor activities.



Located next to Split Airport and only 20 minutes by boat from Secret Solta, Trogir is a remarkable example of urban continuity. The orthogonal street plan of this town settlement dates back to the Hellenistic period, with successive Roman leaders embellishing the town with lavish public buildings and fortifications. Its beautiful Romanesque churches are complemented by outstanding Renaissance and Baroque buildings from the Venetian period.

More than 1,200 Islands

Croatia is home to more than 1,200 islands and islets. Many of the most popular ones are located near Split, making it easy to spend your days leisurely hopping from one amazing island to the next. Whether you want to explore the majestic coastlines of Čiovo, enjoy the gastronomic delights of Vis or lose yourself in the hedonistic getaway of Hvar, these islands have something for everyone.


Croatian Amazing 2021 Awards

Croatia has won a number of prestigious awards in recent years, including prizes from Condé Nast Traveller, National Geographic Traveller, Bloomberg and Landgeist.

Condé Nast Traveller: Croatia ranked as the 9th best country in the world

Every year, readers of Condé Nast Traveler vote for their Top 20 Countries in the World based on their own travel experiences. For the 2021 awards, more than 800,000 votes were submitted by readers based all over the world.     Croatia finished 9th in the list with a score of 92.5/100. The country was praised by the publication for its variety of stunning islands.

National Geographic Traveller: Croatia ranked among top 3 destinations

Croatia was voted as one of the three ‘Best Short-Haul Destinations’ for 2021 by readers of National Geographic Traveller UK. This award is part of National Geographic Traveller's annual Reader Awards. The awards culminate in a list of the best destinations, tour operators, airlines and experiences in the world.

Bloomberg: Croatia amongst world's top 6 destinations for super-yachts

According to Bloomberg, ‘the world’s rich are sailing the Mediterranean.’ As of August 2021, Croatia had 57 super yachts cruising its waters - which puts it in sixth place on Bloomberg's mega-yacht leaderboard. Among many others, Croatia is currently hosting the 95-metre, 1-million-euro-per-week O'Pari yacht.

Landgeist: Croatia ranked 2nd safest European nation for walking alone on the streets at night

Croatia consistently features high on global rankings for being one of the safest countries in the world. According to a 2021 study, Croatia scored among the highest in Europe for how safe people feel when walking alone at night. “Walking alone on the streets at night doesn’t necessarily say anything about the crime rate in the country, but it does give a very good sense of how safe people feel in their country,” Landgeist said.