Discover Split

Discover Split

Split is Croatia's second-biggest city and one of the most vibrant cities on the Adriatic, holding a stunning location between towering mountain ranges and crystal clear waters. The city is a World Heritage Site where you’ll find world-class restaurants, cutting-edge bars and a thriving nightlife. In Split, it's impossible to get bored.

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Just outside the southern walls of Diocletian’s Palace is Split's seaside promenade, Riva, which is a prime people-watching spot. By taking a seat in one of the many cafes lining Riva and watching the world go by, you’ll start to appreciate the ancient Dalmatian art of fjaka. Fjaka is a difficult concept to translate, but think of it as a state in which humans aspire for nothing. Allow your mind to wander into daydreams, let your body relax and feel your senses sharpen - that's fjaka.

HBO's hit TV series Game of Thrones was partly filmed in Split. The basement halls of Diocletian’s Palace were transformed into Danaerys's throne room, where she trained her dragons. And just outside Split is the old fortress of Klis, which became the city of Meereen. Whether it's a celebration of film, music or theatre, Split's cultural calendar is busy throughout the year. It’s little wonder why so many are drawn to this Adriatic jewel every single year.