Šolta Island

Why Šolta?

For the lucky few who are already acquainted with the joys of this Adriatic jewel, ‘Why Šolta?’ is a simple question to answer.

For its long and varied history, which pulses, breathes and lives in every nook and cranny of the island. For its rich culinary delights, which range from its award-winning olive oil (made right here on Šolta) to the fresh fish caught here everyday. And for the exhilarating experiences and adrenalin-fuelled adventures you’ll find here. Whether you want to go hiking in the mountains, swim through hidden coves or sail to the neighbouring islands, no day on Šolta is ever wasted.

There are more than 1,000 Croatian islands, but none can match the natural beauty, fascinating history and world-class cuisine of Šolta.


Croatia - Best Olive Oil in the World

It’s official – Croatia is the world’s premium olive oil hotspot. Flos Olei, the so-called bible of olive oil, has named the Croatian peninsula of Istria as the best olive oil-producing region in the world for the sixth year in a row. 73 extra virgin olive oils from Croatia were included in the latest edition of Flos Olei, and 71 of those were from Istria.

Yet Istria is not the only Croatian region famed for its olive oil. Right here on Šolta you’ll find Šoltansko Maslinovo Ulje; a world-famous olive oil that won a Gold award at the prestigious New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) in 2020 and 2021.

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Why Šoltan Olive Oil?

The unique climate of Šolta - with its hot and dry summers, exposure to the ‘bura’ northern wind and mineral-rich limestones - lends itself perfectly to the production of olive oil. The producers of Šoltan olive oil are scattered all over the island. This gives the finished product a complexity in taste and aroma that mark Šoltan olive oil out as a world-class variety of this Mediterranean speciality.

Every October and November you can experience an authentic Dalmatian olive harvest right here on the island. In just a few minutes you’ll learn how to pick olives in the same way that they’ve been harvested for thousands of years. It’s your chance to practise an art that is revered throughout the region.

- Awards -

The Šolta Olive Oil made by Association, ZLATNA ŠOLTANKA has won the highest awards at domestic olive events for years.
Šoltansko has managed to rise to the very top during the last 3 years as the best olive oil in the world.

Šolta – The Island of Honey

In Šolta, honey is everywhere. You’ll see it in the honey-kissed sun rays that rain down on the island more than 300 days a year. You’ll smell it in the sweet aromas that characterise this natural paradise. And you’ll also have the chance to taste it.

For more than 80 years, the Tvdić family have been making their delicious rosemary honey right here on the island. During your time in Šolta, you can visit Goran Tvrdić and his family at their beautiful estate overlooking the Adriatic sea. You’ll learn the secrets of their ancient honey production techniques - and you’ll soon understand why Šoltan honey is among the best in the world.

A Wine Destination

If you blink, you might miss it. In an unassuming stone house, hidden away within an ancient Dalmatian village, you’ll find the Purtic family home. But this is no ordinary family, and no ordinary home. It is from here that the Purtic family produce their incredible red and white wines, as part of a tradition that stretches back generations.

What’s more, you’ll have the chance to visit this famous destination yourself. Take a trip to the Purtic winery and you’ll be able to taste their fine wines, learn about their production process and understand the storied history of Šoltan wine. Visit Šolta, and you’ll be visiting a global gastronomic destination.